Tuesday, January 13, 2015

HELLO: Belize Study Abroad - Day 5

Busy day today! Today's itinerary:
1. Go to the Radio Show at 7 AM
2. Breakfast
3. Get supplies ready and teach a workshop class at San Pedro High at 10 AM
4. Pack more supplies and teach the next workshop at Holy Cross at 12 PM
5. Regular class at 7 PM

We woke up really early to get there in time at the Radio Show. We were there at 7 AM sharp. The radio show was a small area with one small office and a small space for the show with some TV's, computers, and cameras,

There was two men who were the radio hosts and one man
who was running everything else, like the cameras. It was pretty interesting. Well, after usual morning routine, it was our slot. My colleagues and I were very excited but very nervous as well.

The session turned out great! There was five of us who spoke, my colleagues Liss, Khanh, and Sally, my advisor of Enactus, Ms. Simmons, and myself. We all introduced ourselves and talked about our mission here in San Pedro. We wanted to let everyone know that we were hosting free workshops on jewelry craftand we wanted everyone to attend! We brought accessories that we made ahead of time to show everyone about what we'll be making at the workshop. Liss spoke Spanish, which is great because most of the town speaks English and/or Spanish, and Sally spoke Chinese for those Asian ethic group which we heard there was a good bit in San Pedro. It was fun and the hosts were so kind and professional.

Afterwards, we had time to get breakfast and then headed to our next plan of schedule. We hurried back to the Villas to gather all the supplies that we needed for our first workshop at San Pedro High. It was exciting!

We had people, a woman and a dad and his young son, waiting for us by 10 AM. We were given a very small room, in fact, it was the school "weight room," that had 3 small desks with several chairs. Well, you can't always get what you want. You make the best of what you can with what you got! And that's exactly what we did.

This little boy was so adorable! He was hyper, running around, playing with everyone, and his dad was such a sweet and patient man. 

Honestly, I thought we wouldn't have any men at the workshop because it was a jewelry craft session. But, our workshop is an economic empowerment project in which we try to improve the economy. We welcome everyone! We hope from our workshops that the citizens in San Pedro can learn how to make the jewelry that we taught them and turn it into a small business and make profit. Belize is big in tourism and hospitality. They make a lot of their paycheck by selling souvenirs to tourists.

As we set up, people were coming to our workshop. We had a total of 9 people at the workshop. We had two local reporters from Ambergris Today, an online news media, and a man from the local newspaper, The Sun Pedro Sun, that attended our workshop to take pictures and interviewed us, well more like my advisors because my colleagues and I were busy teaching the class.

At our workshop, we taught them how to make beads out of paper, stacked paper beads, and then I taught everyone how to weave a bracelet. Our first workshop was a success!

After our hour session at San Pedro High, we hurried on over back to the Villas to replenish our supplies for the next workshop at Holy Cross. Thank goodness that we drove there on golf cart. We would've died from the heat and would've never made it across with all the supplies that we had to carry.

We got to Holy Cross right before 12 PM to set up, which was in cafeteria. It was hot! The classes, which I believe was a combination of 3 classes, started coming in. It was crazy! We got the supplies out fast to the tables, bowls of glue, paint brushes, paper, strings, scissors, and etc. We taught them how to make the paper beads from magazine paper.

The kids were a delight to teach. Of course, it was much more rowdier than teaching to the adults, but they are so fun and full of energy.

They caught on so fast too! They started braiding their bracelets and did all kinds of trick that even I didn't know how to do!

Our workshop with the kids was an hour long. I was able to make great connection with some of the students there. There was two little boys, probably around the age 9 - 10, who gave me their necklace and bracelet that they made. How very sweet! I still have them to this day and I always kept it tied on my purse that I bought in Belize.

Day five was such a busy day and we still had half of the day left!

We went snorkling in a couple hours later. Oh my gosh, it was so fun! At first, I didn't want to go snorkling, I wanted to do something else such as sky diving, which they didn't have in San Pedro. But oh well because it was so fun!

Here's a picture of my friend, Sally and I. We are so ready to get out there in the water!

We went in a bottom glass boat to the reefs. Look at all the fishes! They were following us the entire time! It was so neat.

We went snorkling in the deep clear ocean. I am not a good swimmer, but I jumped right in there. The boat had a string attached to a lifesaver for those who can't swim. I was surprised of myself that I was able stay near the snorkling instructor the entire time.

I saw fishes, turtles, and other small sea life. I tried touching them but they were just too fast for me! I don't have any pictures of me snorkling because I didn't want to take my camera in the water, of course. But it's so fun. You have got to try it one day! Especially if you're in Belize! Snorkling near the reefs!

Thanks for reading! Have a great day, everyone!

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