Wednesday, September 17, 2014

HELLO: My Internship Experience with Fluent Group

Hi everyone!

This semester has been so tiring and it feels like I've been going to school forever. Well, pretty much its because I have. All of last year, this summer, and now. Jeez, when can I catch a breath?

Anyways, last spring semester I received an opportunity for a marketing internship with Fluent Group, which was a 6 weeks internship program. It was really enjoyable and the great thing was, everything was done online!

So what is Fluent?
Fluent is a collegiate marketing agency associated with the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA). Fluent specializes consumers who are college students, or another term that Fluent calls "College Millennial Consumers." Fluent works with college students, who are known as "Student Translators," who give their insights on brands from their social medias and their friends and colleagues. Fluent partners with companies such as Microsoft, Macy's, Dove, and other great companies.

How did you get the internship?
I received an unexpected email one day by a Fluent recruiter who reached out to me because of my involvement on campus. He asked if I was interested in the internship program and if so, apply for it. So that's exactly what I did and it was a simple process.

How was the interview process?
The interview process was easy. I had a phone interview which probably lasted for only 5 minutes and that was it. Right after my phone interview, I received an email saying that I've been selected. My supervisor, Adam Feldman, reached out to me afterwards in the next step. I had a webinar meeting with other interns along with my supervisor.

So, what exactly did you do in the program? What was your role?
I was selected for the Macy's Spring 2014 Campus Tour Program. So, my official title was Fluent Digital Student Translator Representing Macy's. The internship program was 6 weeks and my tasks was to perform marketing campaigns for Macy's brands through social media, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I was marketing Macy's brands such as XOXO, Jessica Simpson, American Rags, and etc. My other role was to drive traffic to my Fluent promoter website, which Fluent created for every intern. It was personalized towards my location and school and anything that I posted using #Paid #Macyscampus, was featured on my Fluent website.

I had to do several postings on my social medias every week and take screen shots of my postings to submit. We also had to submit a summary of how the week has progress. A part of the program, I was also schedule a weekly call with my supervisor to keep in touch.

Did you get paid?
Fluent definitely paid their interns. We were paid through PayPal.

What did you gain from this experience? 
Oh gosh, I've learned so much more about marketing than I did before, especially through social media. As a marketing student, I definitely gain some great insights that I can use in my organizations and future career. I also gain new followers on Twitter and I actually never had an Instagram account until this internship.

So what's next?
After the internship, I was contacted again for another opportunity. It was a for a Coffee Focus Group. It wasn't much but filling out a survey, but hey, it was another paid opportunity. Other than that, I haven't been involved with Fluent for awhile now.

Fluent is an amazing company to work for and I had a great supervisor who was very down to earth and very flexible. They understand students, their needs and wants, and it's a great opportunity for students with any major, but definitely may spark interest for students who are tech savvy, going into marketing or something with social media. I highly enjoyed it and it was a great experience that I am able to showcase on resume.

Thanks for taking the time to read! Have a great day!

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