Tuesday, February 10, 2015

HELLO: Disney College Program - Day 2

Hi all! Today's my day off so I finally blogged again. Yay!

Day Two: Housing Orientation

I had my Housing Orientation at 4 PM at The Commons and basically the speakers just talked about what what not to do during your program.

They touched on several subjects but here's some of the things that they did mentioned to us:

1. Weapons are not allowed. Not even toys like swords, guns or even lightsabers. I know some people carry things like pocket knives for their safety, but they're not allowed as well. If you want to buy it for yourself or for friends and family, send it home! If you are caught, you can get termed! Pepper spray is allowed but only a 3oz container.

2. Alcohol is not permitted in wellness housing. If you do not live in a wellness house and everyone in your house is 21 and over but you decide to serve alcohol to people who are 21 and under, you can get termed, they can get termed, and anyone involve can get termed. Also, wellness housing cannot use alcohol in cooking. If you live in a wellness house, you cannot have any shot glasses and similar items. If you do, send it home! If you are caught, you can get termed!

3.  Be careful of the "Party Bus." I've heard stories from previous CPs about the party bus. I heard that it takes you somewhere to downtown, where all the bars are located. It's not owned by Disney and it's not affiliated with Disney. Girls have actually got drugged on the bus and people get left behind all the time. That's so scary! So just a warning! Be careful!

4. Be cautious when you bring strangers or "friends" over to the apartment complex. You can bring family and friends over but they cannot stay over night. Our presenters shared stories that many CP girls will meet their "prince charming" and bring them over to their house. A previous CP did that once and decided not to walk him out to the entrance gate at the end of the night (always walk them out to the entrance!) and the guy almost sexually assaulted a girl he saw in the complex. There was another story about a girl who brought a guy she just met that day back to the complex and she wanted to check the mail or run a quick errand (something like that) before heading into the house, so she gave her key to the guy she just met and when she got back to the house it was a complete mess and some of her stuff and her roommate's stuff were stolen. Things like that really happen so be careful about the people you bring home!

5. Make sure you and your roommates are well prepared before inspections! The first fine is $25, the second is $50, and the third is $100. Now that's for each person in the house. Not together with your roommates. Everyone gets fined individually. After the third warning with the $100 fee, if you don't pass inspection the fourth time, you get termed and so does all your roommates, depending on the circumstance.

These were just some of the stuff that was mentioned during the Housing Orientation but it lasted for an hour and a half and honestly, I cannot remember the rest. Just follow the rules and you'll be fine.

Thanks for reading and have a great day, everyone!

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