Sunday, January 18, 2015

HELLO: 100 Things to do in 2015

Hi all! Hope everyone is having a great day so far.

I know that most of you have a New Year Resolutions and/or made a list of all the things you want to accomplish this year. It took me awhile to make my 100 things to do list. Seriously.

Anyways, I bought myself a new journal for this year, I usually buy myself a planner every year but I am in need of a new journal and besides, I can always doodle in a calendar in my new journal.

Isn't it cute? I love it! It's my new love. I will hold it dear to me. I can't wait to take it to Disney and fill it with so many wonderful adventures.

Here's my 100 things that I am hoping to accomplish this year.


1. Go sky diving
    I've been really wanting to do this for awhile. I was going to do it for my 21st birthday but it never happened. Maybe this year!
2. Attend a concert
    I've never been to a concert before. I know, it's sad. I must attend one soon!
3. Go on a tour - any tour! - (Update, June 3rd) - Went on a tour through Magic Kingdom in Disney World!
4. Go camping
5. Ride in a horse carriage
6. Attend a professional sporting event (Update, June 3rd) - Went to watch the basketball game between Orlando Magic vs. Atlanta Hawks. My home team won, of course!
7. Go on a road trip
8. Attend a festival - (Update, June 3rd) - Attended the Oklahoma City Art Festival
9. Visit a museum
10. Go to the spa
11. Go to a gun range
      I've been really wanting to try this out forever. This year for sure!
12. Go hiking - (Update, July 9th) - Went hiking up Stone Mountain, GA. It's a beautiful view on top and all you can see are trees and greens everywhere.
13. Go stargazing
14. Have a picnic
15. Go zip lining
      I wanted to go zip lining when I was in Belize but I didn't have the time. I know there are a couple places around but I really want a location with beautiful scenery. And of course, somewhere affordable.
16. Ride in a hot air balloon - (Update, June 3rd) - Finally rode in one in Downtown Disney!
17. Ride in a train - (Update, June 3rd) - Rode one in Magic Kingdom
18. Take a boat ride - (Update, June 3rd) - Rode a ferry to Hollywood Studios
19. Go horseback riding
20. Go to a convention event
21. Ride in a helicopter
22. Go to the zoo
23. Attend a movie premiere
24. Experience weightlessness
25. Go white water rafting
26. Go snowboarding/skiing
27. Be in two places at once
28. Be a member of the audience in a TV show
29. Be an extra in a movie
30. Attend a musical/play
31. Go to a theme park that I've never been to - (Update, June 3rd) - Went to Disney World!
32. Visit a state park that I've never been to
33. Experience new food (Update, June 3rd) - Ate fried gator at Cocoa Beach. Taste just like chicken!
34. Go thrift store shopping
35. Meet a famous person
36. Attend a big party
37. Run a marathon
      I've been to some before but I've never participated in one. I always wanted to try the color run! Looks amazing!
38. Go rock climbing (Update, June 18th) - It's much harder than it looks!
39. Go to a carnival


40. Visit Disney World - (Update, June 3rd) - Lived there for four months!
       This is a no-brainer. I'll be living here anyways for awhile!
41. Visit Las Vegas
       My mom mentioned to me that we're trying to plan a trip sometime this summer to Vegas. Gosh, it's been too long since I've been there. I really can't wait!
42. Visit New York - (Update, June 3rd) - Went for the Enactus Conference in March
43. Visit California
44. Visit Chicago
45. Travel out of the country
46. Visit a new state that I've never been to
47. Visit a big landmark in the U.S.


48. Invest in the stock market
49. Start saving money
      Yes. Most definitely as much as I can with all this big plan that I have for this year.
50. Take on a side job
51. Apply for a new job or an internship and get it
52. Apply for scholarships and get it

On the Internet

53. Make profit online - (Update, June 3rd) - Making profit selling unwanted clothing/shoes on Poshmark! Yay!
54. Reach 100 followers on Twitter
      I'm not constantly on these social medias and I'm not really pushing so much for followers but it would be good to reach 100 just because I'm in that 100 theme. The same goes for the rest of my social media goals.
55. Have 100 connections on LinkedIn - (Update, June 23rd) - I think I should be more active on LinkedIn and widen my network.
56. Win or get something free on the internet
57. Constantly update blog and make it big
      I really hope to get this blog off the ground and get people from all over the world reading it. It would be an achievement.
58. Get over 100 pins on something that I made on Pinterest - (Update, June 3rd) - In fact, I now have over 200 pins on my DIY Pokeball!
59. Reach 100 followers on Instagram - (Update, June 3rd) - It took awhile but I got there   
60. Get featured somewhere


61. Take a class (not for school!)
62. Learn a new language - (Update, June 23rd) - Learning the most beautiful language, Italian!
63. Attend a conference - (Update, June 3rd) Attended the Enactus New York Partner Summit in March
64. Join a club/organization (Update, June 18th) - Officially in the Disney Alumni Association!
65. Learn a new sport or get back into sports
      I think it's time that I get back into tennis?
66. Participate in a contest or compete in a competition
67. Get professionally certified - in anything!
68. Write a book (and get it publish)
69. Be interviewed - not work related - (Update, June 3rd) - Had an interview about my work in Belize and now it's going to be featured on my school's website!
70. Learn how to play a new instrument or learn how to play the violin again!
      I used to play the violin when I was in elementary. It's a beautiful instrument. I definitely want to start playing it again. Of course, I'll have to reteach myself how to play it all over again.

Giving Back

71. Do volunteer work/community service
72. Help organize an event
73. Be a mentor/get a pen pal
      Being a mentor gives you great self-satisfaction. I used to be a mentor for first-year students who are differently able and registered under the Disability Services at my college. I also used to have a pen pal from Japan back in elementary school. Hmm, I should try connecting with him again.
74. Donate - anything!
75. Make a care package for someone
76. Be a part of a fundraiser/charity


77. Exercise regularly
78. Get into meditation or yoga or zumba
79. Gain some weight!
       If anyone knows me or have seen me, I am as skinny as skinny can be. I can't help it. It's in my gene. I should try weight lifting to get me some muscles to get that extra weight!


80. Start a new collection
81. Pick up a new hobby
82. Learn how to drive a manual car
      I think I'll have my parents or my boyfriend teach me this.
83. Do a photo shoot
84. Bake something from scratch
85. Start a new TV series on Netflix - (Update, June 23rd) - My boyfriend and I have been watching Season 1 of Psych starting this year. I did not know that they have so many seasons!
86. Hangout with old friends
87. Start a new scrapbook
88. Get my ear pierce again
89. Make an appointment for eye contacts
      I've been saying this for awhile now but every time I want to, I just don't have the money! Hopefully I'll work more, save more, and get them contacts that I've been wanting.
90. Send a message in a bottle
91. Adopt a pet
      I doubt this will happen but I really would love to!
92. Learn to knit/crochet
93. Learn how to cook - professionally!
94. Move out of my parent's house
95. Make a recipe book
96. Read a new book (Update, June 18th) - Started reading Eat, Love, Pray
97. Get back into DIY crafting
98. Make new friends - (Update, June 3rd) - Made new friends back in Disney World! Still in touch with them till this day!
99. Have a family reunion
100. Complete my 100 list for 2015

Many adventures to come and so many stories to tell. Look forward to it!
What's your list?


  1. This will be helpful when I'm bored and in need of an activity.
    Thanks :)