Friday, March 21, 2014

HELLO: Ability Expo

It's been awhile but I've finally got something to talk about. This past Saturday, my UNG FACE Club and I went to the World Congress Center in Atlanta for the Ability Expo. Here's more info about it on their website: If you have never been to it before, I recommend everyone to go and check out the wonderful resources that they have for people who are differently able. When I mean resources, they have non-profit organizations, service animals, sports in wheelchairs, accessible vans, and all kinds of neat things there.

I also got to learn how to weave at the event and finished it when I got home. It's my new favorite hobby now!

Oh, here's a picture of them playing basketball in wheelchairs. I have to say, it looks like an extreme sport! One of our member played and exclaim that it is no easy work! She had to call it quits after going in for about 10 minutes but the kids who played are so energetic, of course.

They also had folks in wheelchairs playing a soccer game afterwards! It was just awesome seeing all the opportunities they had out there.

Oh, also got a neat tattoo from the event. Of course, it's not permanent. But the company, 3E Love, has the the most awesome clothing and their logo design is the most clever thing! Check out their website here:

I also got a tattoo for myself. Check it out! Of course, it's not real. I can't go through that.

Overall, it was a great event. All the new members who never been to the expo sure learned a lot and it was a great learning experience for all. I went last year and this year again because it's great to see what new resources they have, that way, we can hopefully bring it to our university one day! Well, everyone. Thanks for stopping by and for reading this blog post. Until next time!

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