Thursday, April 24, 2014

HELLO: Enactus 2014 National Competition - Day 1

Hello everyone! It's been too long since I've updated! I even promised myself that I would at least post two times a week. That sadly did not happen.

As a college student, especially towards the end of the semester with Finals and everything, you realize that you do not have time for anything!

Anyways, let's talk about where I've been recently, yeah?

I traveled to Cincinnati, Ohio on Monday, March 31st to Friday April 4th. I journeyed with my Enactus team, 9 hours later, to compete at the Enactus 2014 National Competition. An amazing competition, where we competed with 230 something Enactus teams from all over the U.S. by displaying leadership and showcasing our projects to other Enactus teams, business leaders, business staffs, and business executives.

When we finally reached the hotel, I was sadly late to The Home Depot Orange Experience event and I was personally invited to it as well. The Orange Experience is an event sponsored by THD and gave Enactus students insight into THD, internship/job opportunities, and mingling with THD recruiters and staffs. I sadly missed the first event...but other than that, I was able to participate with my UNG Enactus team in our photoshoot! Now that was fun! The pictures turned out great as well!

As VP of my team, I made sure that we had every member registered and ready to go. Oh, and here's our greatest ultimate selfie! LOVE it!

Day 1 ended with dinner at Skyline! Famously known in the city for their chili on spaghetti.

Yes, first time experience and we must wear the bib! Gotta have it!

Afterwards, our team met up again and we practiced all night long! Prepping speakers, technical team checking the presentation, practicing Q & A's, and getting tired, very tired.

A successful Day 1, other than missing the THD Orange Experience, I must say. It's just so awesome being in a different city, different state! I love traveling with my UNG Enactus team!

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