Saturday, May 17, 2014

HELLO: Enactus 2014 National Competition - Day 4

Hello everyone! 

Here's my last entry for the Enactus 2014 National Competition. My roommates and I woked up early to attend the Enactus Top-to-Future Forum. We were assigned to tables and sat among our peers and with business executives. I had a great table and had the privilege to sit with John Kahl, CEO of ShurTechBrands, Scott McCall, Senior Vice President of Toys and Seasonal for Walmart, an auditor for KPMG, and other amazing and inspiring executives.

I had a great time and really enjoyed listening to all the executives and their story of success and career goals. I learned a lot and I hope to one day become just as successful as these business leaders are.

As a waited for the announcement of the Top 4 teams, there was several speeches and awards still be presented. What was the most shocking to us was that our team won the Jack Shewmaker Spirit Video Award. I mean, when they called our team's name, we sat there, in shocked, surprised and astonished that we won! Our spirit video was displayed for everyone to watch. Check it out here:

We never had a thought that our spirit video would win. I am very proud on everyone who worked hard on this video, especially in the two weeks of making! Congrats to Sally Tang and Efren Chavez on editing, creating the lyrics, and filming, and to Will Anthony, our singer!

We watched the Top 4 teams after that. I have to tell you, lots of surprises! The top four Enactus teams were Heritage University, Belmont University, Roberts Wesleyan College, and Texas State University - San Marcos. As we watched all four teams, they were all amazing in performance, presentations, and projects. Now, we couldn't stay to watch the results because we were on the run to attend our next event, The Home Depot Orange Experience, but I found out from my colleagues afterwards. And the results are:

Fourth Place - Belmont University
Third Place - Heritage University
Second Place - Roberts Wesleyan College
First Place - Texas State University - San Marcos (the same team that was in League 16 with us)

So, it's not so bad, I guess, to lose to the National Champs, right?

Anyways, here we are in THD bus going to the event!

These orange tickets were beautiful. Seriously. I wished I could have kept it for my scrapbook. They looked like the tickets from Willy Wonka.

The party was a blast! Had so much fun. I love hanging out with THD recruiters and HR representatives. They are such fun people and that's a company that I would love to work for.

They also gave us a free beat pill at the end to everyone who attended! Look!

Overall, I had an amazing time at the Enactus National Competition. I love going to it every year and can't wait to go again next year. Next time, we'll come back with a BOOM and bring home the trophy!

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