Wednesday, April 30, 2014

HELLO: Enactus 2014 National Competition - Day 3

Hi you guys! I have been updating daily or at least a couple times this week and I'm very proud of myself. Anyways, let's talk about the third day of the Enactus National Competition in Cincinnati, OH.

UNG Enactus Tech Team. Love my team! Gotta be a little silly sometimes even right before we present!

UNG Enactus competed at 10:20 AM in League 16 in the Quarter-Final Round. Once again, all the presenters said their parts perfectly, the presentation went through smoothly, and the Q&A session was great, really great. Our team has always been pretty weak when it came to the Q&A session but this year, we really practiced and went over every possible questions that can be asked by the judges about our projects. In both the Opening Round and Quarter-Final Round, the judges have asked questions that our team has went through many times during practices.

Afterwards, we headed one last time to Career Fair.

A great shot with American Greeting's ninja!

A picture with our guest speaker and three times Bobsledder Olympian and Gold Medalist, Steve Mesler. He is an inspiring man and is also President and CEO of Classroom Champions. Classroom Champion is a program that connects children from K-8 with athletes who becomes a support and resource in their academic success.

Waiting during the award ceremony and the anxiety is killing us! Last year, our team advanced to the Top 20. Hoping to be just as successful this year!

After what seemed like years have passed, took forever to reach League 16, we're called on stage! Now that's great news because only three teams get called on stage out of 7 teams in our league.

Here's some sad news to share...we were first runner up and Texas University - San Marcos advanced to the Top 20. Although we are a bit sadden with the news, our team has worked extremely hard this year and we couldn't be more proud of everyone's work!

When the award ceremony ended, my project partner, Khanh, and I headed over to the invite-only reception for the Campbell's Let's Can Hunger Challenge. Our UNG Enactus team were in the Top 8 Finalists in the Let's Can Hunger Challenge this year and we really worked our butts hard in this project.

Here we are with the Senior Vice President Chief Marketing Officer for Campbell's, Michael P. Senackerib. An amazing and motivating man. He shared many of his experiences and tips to us in his previous and current career. A successful leader, indeed.

Oh, our team was also selected and in the Top 8 teams in the Walmart's Women Empowerment project as well. Super proud of everyone's hard work!

Since we won't be moving on to the next round, our team decided to go out together and eat at a fancy restaurant because we deserve it! There was a lot of us so you can imagine how much the total was. I won't tell you what it is though!

Anyways, look forward to the last blog post, Day 4, of the competition and see you all soon! Thanks for reading!

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