Wednesday, September 24, 2014

HELLO: The Home Depot Summer Retail Training Program - About the Program

Hi everyone!

It's been a really tough semester. Ahhh, just trying to survive this semester. I feel like my brain is fried and it probably is, but I hope not because I'll need it a little bit longer. Fingers crossed! Just a couple of weeks to go and then graduation!

Well, this past summer I had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of a new program that The Home Depot just implemented. It was a nine weeks program and the whole idea was to learn about The Home Depot's culture and values.

How did you hear about the program?
In March, I had the opportunity to travel to the Enactus National Competition with my UNG Enactus team in Cincinnati. Every year at National, Enactus host huge career fairs for all the students. That's how I met with The Home Depot recruiters. I talked to them about opportunities for students, like a summer internship. Since THD corporate office is located in Atlanta, I was basically in their "backyard." After the Career Fair, selected students were invited to The Home Depot's Orange Experience After-Party, Wow, THD knows how to throw a party and they know how to party!

I have been in touch with a couple of THD HR recruiters after the competition. I wasn't contacted with the opportunity again until April, I believe. It was a new program that THD just launched, the Summer Retail Training Program. I was very excited to apply for the program. Retail wasn't number one for me on my list, but I believe that if you want to start anywhere, you've got to start small. Being in the stores and learning about the front line will help me understand THD better and the customers.

How was the interview process?
So first I had to send my resume to the THD recruiters. After that, I was emailed about the program from a recruiter. I emailed my interest back and from then, I scheduled a phone interview. After the interview, it took a couple weeks to hear back but I received an email one day saying that I have to schedule an in-person interview with the Store Manager of the store that I would be assigned to and the District Human Resource Manager (DHRM). I was contacted about two hours later by the DHRM, Janet, that I been offered the position!

When did you start?
I started in the beginning of June. My home store that I was assigned to was located in Monroe, GA. It's in a tiny community but the people there are so kind and generous. I was welcomed and a part of The Home Depot family so fast. My SM, David, and my ASDS, Lisa, were so helpful and made sure that I had plenty of help around the store from the other associates.

What was your role?
I was like an "intern," so I did a lot of shadowing around the different departments. I practically covered every department, like Paint, Lumber, Flooring, the Front End, and etc. Everyday I was always with a different department head, learning the ins and outs of the departments. It was a lot of to remember! During my time, I learned how to cut lumber (not that I did it myself), mix paint, cut keys, and I got around the store pretty quickly. But let me tell you, nine weeks went by so fast!

Thank you for reading, everyone! My next blog post will have more details on what I did and all the wonderful memories that I made during the program. Have a great day!

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