Sunday, November 23, 2014

HELLO: Disney College Program Acceptance

Hi everyone! I am so glad that this entire week is my holiday break! College is definitely killing me, physically and mentally.

With that in mind, I now have the time to update the blog. Yay, finally!

Well, I have something to announce...I've been accepted to the Disney College Program!

I applied in early September and the process is super easy. I'll explain it in a question and answer format. I find that
format more efficient in this scenario.

How do you apply?
Easy! You just go to their website, the Disney College Program, and just apply! First, you'll make an account and then you fill out the application. It's very similar to filling an online job application. Once you complete the application you will be notified for the next step.

What was the next step after you fill out the application?
For me, I was notified within an hour after I completed my application! I know, I was shock of how fast it was. I would assume it would take weeks to hear something back. The next step was to complete an Web-Based Interview, which was pretty much like a questionnaire. It took about 30 - 45 minutes for me to get through. Questions were based on, personality, scenario situations, interests, and etc. Once you complete the web-based interview, it would redirect you to page. For me, a page popped up saying that I have 3 days to schedule a phone interview. To schedule a phone interview, you would select the time and date under your Disney account.

How was the phone interview?
My phone interview was with a Disney College Program recruiter and it lasted about 15 minutes. In my conversation, we touched on questions as such, "How well do you work with other?" "You'll be rooming with people from all over the world and can room up to 7 other people. How do you feel about that?" "Do you prefer to work outside or inside?" The recruiter also asked me questions on the three jobs that I prefer to work at and why, which I've selected in my application. I've asked the recruiter what happens next and when will I be notified if I get selected or not. She told me that all the answers that she records from will be sent to a program director and I shall find out no later than November.

The whole interview process, with the web-based and phone interview, took probably within two weeks. I was notified a month later with an email saying that I got accepted to the program! My next step was to accept or decline the offer, and I only had one week from when the email was sent to confirm everything. If I did accept the program, which I did of course, I had to pay the program fee and everything else in order to confirm my acceptance.

Here's my magical mail from Disney! This makes the feeling so real!

I am ecstatic and I can't wait to go! I start next year on Jan. 26th and my program ends on May 15th. I really didn't want to stay for too long because I'm hoping to get another internship in the summer. Oh, I forgot to mention, I'll be at Orlando! You can also register for classes, which I will be taking. I'm planning to register for two classes, fingers cross. I'm still waiting to see if I can get college credit back, fingers cross! We'll see!

Thank you for reading, everyone. I'm planning to keep my blog updated with all my Disney adventures while I'm in the program. I hope this gives some insight to those who are planning to do the program. I've heard so much about how fantastic the program is from others and I just can't wait!

Have a great holiday!

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