Monday, January 19, 2015

HELLO: The Home Depot Summer Retail Training Program - Weekly Tasks

Hello everyone! I hope everyone's been doing well so far.

Last post about the program was a brief overview of what the program is and how I got into the program. You can read it here if you haven't yet.

During my program, I spent a lot of time at my home store trying to
understand how all the department operates. I also kept in touch with a lot of fellow SRTP-ers with The Home Depot Warehouse. The Warehouse is like a blog/forum webpage where all the THD associates can access and keep in touch with other associates across the nation. I spent a lot of time on the Warehouse and it was great seeing what my fellow SRTP-ers were doing in their store.

Every week, we were given a checklist of things we should try to accomplish in the store. It would be checked with my Store Manager and my Assistant Store Managers.

Week One:
All the introductions, such as meeting everyone in the store, orientation, learning where things are in the store, learning how to clock-in, and etc, are to be completed in the first week of the program. Some tasks were:
- Meet store leadership
- Receive a tour of the store
- Attend New Hire Orientation.

Week Two:
In week two, I started working more closely with my associates in the store. Some tasks were:
- Understand the overall store operational process and requirements
- Become familiar with the workshop schedules for customers
- Find a product in the online cashier book at self-checkout.

Week Three:
By the time of week three, I was getting used to my work functions and everyone at the store. I started seeing familiar customer faces. I have never worked in retail before so this was a great exposure. Some tasks were:
- Work with the SM (Store Manager) and identify one Department Supervisor to spend time with
- Create Development Blueprint with DHRM (District Human Resources Manager)
- Touch base with Store Manager and DHRM/ASDS (Associate Support Department Supervisor).

Week Four:
By the time week four came, the routine started to be the same. About the same tasks from week three is in week four.

Week Five:
When week five came along, every SRTP-er had to work on a SWOT Anaylsis. SWOT stands for strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. We had to conduct a presentation to our managers (SM, DM, etc.) and others on the leadership board (like our ASDS, DHRM, and etc.) on a topic that we selected to work on or that our SM assigned us to work on near the end of our program. I talked to my fellow SRTP-ers on the Warehouse and some were doing their SWOT analysis on specific departments, like the Paint Department, some were concentrating on their store sales, others worked on THD website, and I had a really fun topic! I am so glad that my SM is understanding and he knows my interest. Since I am a marketing major, I did my SWOT Analysis on different marketing techniques for our in-store workshops.

Week Six:
I really enjoy working at The Home Depot. They're such a great company to work for and not only do they care for their customers but they really appreciate their associates as well. In week six, some tasks were:
- Spend 1 - 2 days shadowing the Store Manager
- Continue to work on SWOT Analysis assignment
- Attend Regional Walk (either week 5 or week 6).

Week Seven:
By week seven the tasks started to be the same again from week six. I also can't remember much from week seven because I took the entire week (except one day) off when my brother came to visit.

Week Eight:
By this week, everything started to slow down. I also can't believe that it's already near the end of the program. For my task, I just continued to work in the different departments helping my co-workers. By this time, I know how to cut keys, lumber (although I couldn't do it myself, I mainly watched), blinds and carpet (I mainly watch or help but never did this by myself as well), be a spotter, and mix paint (I knew how to do this by the first week and as the weeks go by I was able to run the department by myself sometimes). Also, it was during this week that I had the opportunity to visit the SSC (Store Support Center) at THD HQ in Atlanta.

Week Nine:
Week nine was the last week of the program. How sad! This week I continued my usual work schedule. During this week I presented my SWOT Analysis and had a chance to go back to SSC.

I met so many great people during this program. I made many friends and still keep in touch with them to this day, in fact, with a lot of my co-workers from my store. I still visit my store every now and then since it's not too far from where I live. This program has taught me many experiences in retail and customer service. I also gained knowledge and insights from how stores and their HQ operate together. Not also that but by working at a home improvement store, I now know how to work with my hands, such as painting, installing tiles, and etc. So many great experiences and opportunities from this program. I absolutely love my entire time during the program.

I hope this helps many of you who are interested in The Home Depot Summer Retail Training Program and gives you an outlook of what to expect during the program. It's a fantastic program and I encourage anyone who's interested in an internship to apply for this one!

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