Monday, February 9, 2015

HELLO: Disney College Program - Day 1

Hi everyone!

It's been awhile but I've been super busy these past few weeks. Why? Because I just started my Disney College Program two weeks ago and I did not have a day of break at all since then. Even when I did, all I wanted was to sleep and catch my breath.

The hardest part for me was saying goodbye to my family. I've always been with my family and this was the first time that I really moved away. I know that I am only staying in Disney World for only four months but it was still very hard! It might not be for others, but it was for me. I was so happy that I was able to spend time with them as we drove down to Florida and the entire night before I started my program.

Anyways, my first week was the longest week I have ever lived through.
Seriously! There was so much to do and so little time to do everything.

Day One: Check-In and Casting

I seriously thought that I was going to check-in really quick and move into my new house but nope. I checked-in around 7:45 AM and the line was so long already. It took me an hour or so to complete my check-in. It was a really efficient process. First I checked-in, was given my role and housing info, got my key to my new house, took a picture for my Disney I.D., then got my photo I.D. immediately, given a schedule of my Casting and Traditions time, and after all that, I took a bus to Casting. It was the longest morning of my life! At Casting, you basically get your all paperwork situated, such as your W-2 form, background check, they do finger scanning, and etc. It was a very long process, especially if you've been up all morning and you're dying of hunger.

They let us took pictures only at this point. Of course, there's nothing exciting to take pictures of background checks and such.

Aren't they the neatest statues you've ever seen? Casting is the only place where you'll also see the famous door knobs from Alice in Wonderland. Don't know what I'm talking about? Then you must check it out yourself!

Oh! I made a new friend too! Yay for new friends!

Anyways, after Casting, I finally had lunch with my family and binge on a salad because I had to take a drug test in an hour. Apparently, everyone in Attractions had to take a drug test. Maybe it's because Disney wants to make sure that you're not operating machines under the influence.

After my drug test, I was finally able to check-in to my new house! It's in Chatham Square, one of Disney's apartment complexes for all CPs. It's so beautiful! The complex was a really nice place. The house itself was nice too. I was greeted by my two roommates when I came in the house and what made me really surprise was that I actually had 5 other roommates, not 3. I thought there was two bedroom for 2 people each but actually, it was 3 people in each bedroom. So yes, we do have a bunk bed.

Again, I think the hardest part at that moment (I knew it was coming sooner or later) was saying bye to my family. It was so hard not to get emotional in front of my family! Oh gosh, I feel the rush of emotions again!

Anyways, I got to meet the rest of my roommates and they are all pretty nice. We're all from the states and we all love pasta. Ahah. Since our house did not provide us anything like toilet papers, we had to take a ride to Walmart that night and that was my entire day!

Words of advice:

1. The beds are so uncomfortable! Bring a bed pad and a bed comforter! Buy it in king or queen size if you must so you can double the layer. Whatever you do, get one! They will make your back hurt for days!

2. Invest in nice pots and pans, kitchen knives, and other kitchen utensils. Your house will already provide these items, but they're not all fantastic. If you think about it, they have probably been used over and over from previous CPs who lived in that house. Plus, the knives (or knife, since we were only provided with one) are little. Like the one you use to peel a apple or something. You can barely cut anything with them.

3. Bring toilet paper. Just stick one or two rolls in your traveling bag. They seriously did not provide one. You can always buy it on your first day but look, you're going to need the bathroom before then. Plus, you may not even have time to go to the store that night. 

4. Disinfecting wipes are needed. Before you start putting your clothes in those might want to wipe the inside and especially the drawers in the bathroom.

Thanks for reading! Look forward to reading Disney College Program - Day 2!

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