Wednesday, January 21, 2015

HELLO: Packing List

So, I travel a lot. At least a couple times a year out of state with my family or something involved with college.

I'm the type of person that likes to make sure that I have everything planned out when I'm packing, from outfits per day (and night) to shoes to accessories to everything!

I hate it when I forget something and I have to survive without it until I get back home or I have to go out and buy it, but I'm sure anyone does. One time, I went on a three day trip without - wait for it -
my toothbrush! That's right and it was at a resort, which of course the gift shops don't sell any toothbrush. The best part: no personal transportation.

One time, when my boyfriend came to visit in the summer he forgot to bring extra pairs of boxers. The only one he had was the one he was wearing! Another story, when he came down to visit for Christmas he forgot his phone charger. Lucky for him that we share the same phone charger but it wasn't a huge problem, he could have used my phone throughout his stay but he did needed his phone charged when he landed back home so his family know when to pick him up, especially with his flight delayed four times!

One day, I went window shopping at Michael's and I found this: a pad of packing list. Perfect, isn't it? It was only $2! What a deal. Especially for someone who travels frequently.

I love to share this with all my readers! May this come in handy and you never forget a thing on your next adventure. It's great because it relates to all kinds of travelers. Pet owner? Don't forget pet food and leash. Parents? Don't forget to check off diapers and wipes or give your babysitter a call. It's a great list and some of these things are common sense but it's always great to just double check and check it off twice.

I hope this help! Leave a comment about other items that you would recommend to bring that this list may not have listed. Others might find your notes useful!

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