Sunday, February 15, 2015

HELLO: Disney College Program - Day 4

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to share with everyone that I have the "best" schedule anyone could ever ask for. I will now be working evenings past midnight almost everyday. Woot woot.

Anyways, with having a late schedule, I do have a lot of free time before work. But should I go out all day before work to the parks or rest all day before work? I'm not sure but I do like sleep. That is a true fact.

Day 4: Traditions

If you wanted to know why I skipped Day 3, that's because I did completely nothing and there's nothing exciting to share. So, on to Day 4! There was two different times for Traditions today. One at 5:30 AM and I had my Traditions at 1:30 PM. Thank goodness. I do not enjoy mornings. Although I do enjoy having the rest of the day off in the afternoon and evening. Anyways, Traditions was fun but it was really long as well. The best part of Traditions was going on a tour to Magic Kingdom! Now that was amazing!

But first, I'll describe what we did in Traditions before our tour.
Traditions was at Disney University, and you'll have your Orientations there as well. We watched videos and learned the four keys of Disney: Safety, Courtesy, Show, and Efficiency. I promise you, they will make that stuck in your head for the rest of your Disney career. It's a huge component of Disney.

In the middle of the table there's a beautiful red box. What could be in the box? Our Mickey ears? Our name tags? What's in there? I guess we won't find out until the end of Traditions, maybe.

We had two speakers who really made Traditions fun. They talked about the Disney company and Walt's background, goals, and dreams for Disneyland and Disney World. It was really interesting!

For the last couple hours of Traditions, we went on a tour to Magic Kingdom! My job is located in there somewhere. But before that, we finally could open the red box!

It's our Mickey Ears! Yay! I knew it! Everyone was so excited to put our ears on. Our speakers even gave us a chance to take selfies with it, which we all did of course.

The class was split into 2 groups, with one of our speakers leading each group. The other group called themselves Simba and our team name was Oswald. We wore these ear plugs walkie talkie (whatever they're called) and then went on a short tour in Magic Kingdom. It was my first time ever to Magic Kingdom! I was so excited! My speaker also asked if there was any first timers to Magic Kingdom and he let all the first timers be at the front of the group so we can be the first to enter Magic Kingdom, and let me tell you, it was magical!

First we entered Magic Kingdom through underground tunnels. I would have never guess! The tunnels are actually the first floor (ground level) and all of Magic Kingdom is on the second floor. We went through Main Street and went through Fantasyland. I wished I worked somewhere in Fantasyland, but oh well! Anyways, our speaker pointed out facts here and there and it was so neat to understand how Magic Kingdom was designed. For example, did you know Main Street was designed to look like Walt Disney's hometown, Marceline, Missouri? I never knew and I found it so interesting learning more about Walt Disney's vision for Magic Kingdom.

Main Street looked amazing. You really are immersed into a little town. Walking over to Fantasyland we saw Cinderella's Castle. It's so big and so beautiful! I wish I lived there! It was just so magical and words can't really describe it. You have to be there in person and see it for yourself. Fantasyland was really pretty.

After our tour, we headed back to Disney University and guess who came to visit us? The big cheese himself! It's Mickey Mouse! Hi boss!

I feel like a little kid when I saw him. Who wouldn't be? It's so sad he only stayed for a little bit but we did finally received our name tags afterwards. Yay! We are official cast members now!

Well, there you have it! Thanks for reading! Look forward to more updates! Have a magical day, everyone!

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