Wednesday, February 18, 2015

HELLO: Disney College Program - Day 5

Hello everyone!

Hope you're all doing well. Today is my day off because of class and so here I am updating the blog again on my Disney adventures!

Day 5: Epcot

I have never been to Epcot but I've heard so many great things about it, like you can explore and eat from different countries, and I could not wait to go.

The first thing we see when we got there was the park's iconic centerpiece: Spaceship Earth. Every park has an iconic centerpiece, like Magic Kingdom's centerpiece is Cinderella's Castle. 

It looks like a giant golf ball or a something, doesn't it?

Here I am holding it. At first, I thought I had four arms! Haha!

Since there was not a long line, the first ride we went on was Spaceship Earth. It was a nice relaxing ride that took us on a journey through the history of men. It went from cavemen to ancient Egyptian to ancient Greeks to the time of technology. 

At the end of the ride, we traveled through the galaxy. Everything is pitch black and you see stars all around you (it looks amazing!). When you're returning back to the end of the ride, you get to choose your future.

Here's my roommate and I! Apparently, in our future we have a spaceship, a robot maid, and we love scuba diving to work or something like that.

Next, we headed to Finding Nemo's ride. It was a slow moving ride as well and you're sitting in a gigantic seashells. Basically, you're watching through scenes and everyone is trying to find Nemo. You find him at the end of the ride, of course!

Don't mind all the heads in the way. It was the best I could do with sitting from the back. This was Crush's Turtle Show. It was cool because even though it was a show, Crush was able to talk to us and we were able to talk to him. It was hilarious. He taught us how to say "dude." Haha! Or more like "duuuuuude."

Next, my roommates and I went to find more rides. So, we headed to The Land. In The Land, it had a couple of rides and places to eat. We rode on the attraction called Living with the Land, where we road on a boat through Disney's greenhouse. The greenhouse was so beautiful, and did you know that almost all the restaurants at Disney gets their veggies from the greenhouse? They also have fishes and alligators.

I wish I had a neat green house like this! You can also make an appointment for a personal tour of the greenhouse. 

We went to Soarin' afterwards, which is a ride, and thank goodness the line wasn't too long. We probably waited for 45 minutes. The ride was so relaxing! We "hang glide" over beautiful scenes of California, like the Golden Gate Bridge. They had air blowing at you so it feels realistic, like you're really traveling through California.

Next we ate at the quick-service in The Land.

I ordered Tofu Stir-fry and I really do not recommend it. Seriously. I only ordered it because it was the cheapest meal and it had rice. Rice! I miss eating rice! Haha! I definitely need to come back to Epcot because you can only explore so much in one day!

Later that night, we met up with my other roommates at Downtown Disney but we went to Saratoga Springs first. We kind of ended there as a detour but we heard it was really close to Downtown Disney. The place is gorgeous! I can see why it's a little on the pricey side.

Look at the rooms! They're so cute! Wish my apartment complex was this cute!

This is the best view I have ever seen so far in the program. Isn't Downtown Disney gorgeous. Right now it's going through a lot of construction because they're adding lots of new shops and restaurants. In Spring 2016, Downtown Disney will be called Disney Springs. I wish I was here for the new transformation. Maybe I'll extend and see it for myself? I might just have to come back. I'll see!

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