Tuesday, June 16, 2015

HELLO: 10 Things Every Women Should Pack in their Carry-on

Going on a business trip or finally checking off that city that you've never been to off your bucket list? It may be a short visit but here's a checklist for every women to pack in their carry-on.

1. A travel size sewing kit. Especially if you're traveling for business, this may come in handy. I went on a trip with a college campus organization and had a colleague
who ripped the entire left side of his pant from stepping on a seam. Thankfully, we had another colleague who always brings a sewing kit and she fixed it right up for him.

2. Ear phones. This is a given. Listen to music while you're waiting at the airport or in the plane. Honestly, I love using earbuds. They work perfectly for me when the plane takes off or land, and my ears are not in pain from the popping.

3. Portable electronic chargers. Invest in a portable phone chargers, if not already. They can be a lifesaver! Especially when you're not near an outlet and you're plane has been delayed for hours. 

4. A travel tool kit. Not taking a purse or a laptop case? How about a travel tool kit? Inside comes with a travel dryer, styling iron, and a curling iron. It also have pockets inside for your other necessities. It's perfect - and cute! Ulta sells these beauties at $99.95.

5. Ziplock bags. It doesn't hurt to put extra ziplock bags in your carry-on. Perfect for quick organization and of course, it's within the airport policies. Every time, and I mean every time, I go on a trip with my campus organization, there's always that one person who needs one. Here you go, buddy!

6. Eye glasses wear accessories. Wear glasses? Bring an extra eye glasses and obtain yourself a travel size glasses cleaning tool set. I once lost my glasses during a trip. I was blind, and I am terribly, terribly blind, the entire time. Thankfully we were heading home the next day but it was still awful.

7. A travel kit manicure kit. High maintenance? No problem with a travel size manicure set. Tweezers, a nail clipper, and a nail filer - all in one. Sephora sells a deluxe mani kit for $30.00.

8. A index card holder. Organize for the win with a index card holder. Stores like Target and Staples sell them for cheap - and they have cute patterns too. Organize your all your receipts, maps, tickets, business cards, and other important items in a index card holder rather than stuffing it in your wallet or that side zipper of your purse. Get it now from Staples for $1.99.

9. Foldable flats. Running on heels? Been standing all day? You know that you'll be walking around the city in those heels all day. Conference after conference and meetings after meetings. Foldable flats are a great to-go and doesn't take that much room.

10. A travel size lint roller. Don't forget that lint roller! Essential to the looks of professionalism.

Don't forget for your entertainment to take a book along with you! There you have it. What's a must-have in your carry-on? 

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