Wednesday, June 17, 2015

HELLO: Project Life Scrapbook Inspirations: Cut-outs and Scraps

Addicted to scrapbooking? I am. My favorite albums and filler cards are Becky Higgins Project Life. Love, love, love Project Life. I love shopping the collection at Michael's and I could spend hours there. Someone could relate to me, right?

Here's some inspiration and simple ideas that I would love to share with you all. I bought this complete Project Life album. With it being complete, it comes with a book full of beautiful and colorful pages.

Tabs are great organizers. Thankfully, this Project Life album came with it!

Look at all the beautiful pages that was all included in my complete album. Sort out different layouts. Mix up the colors, have some fun, and get creative.

Project Life filler cards are so fun! I am obsessed with them. Love them too? Get some freebies from!


Keep all scraps. All can be essential for a good scrapbooking.

Polaroid and photo booth pictures are a cute touch to scrapbooking. Also, use scraps for page corners or background accents/layouts.

Keep it simple with using your scrap parts as a backdrop. 

Use scraps to spice up pictures. Add corner borders.

Get creative with unique corners. Shaping your pictures can change perspectives as well.

Bubble words are so fun. Make your own! Another idea? Highlight lines/words can bold your page.

Make your own headlines.


Cut out your pictures! Too plain? Add a backdrop to it.

Pictures still too plain? Decorate it with hole punchers, decorated scissors, and etc.

Other Creative Ideas

Get artsy! You draw the borders, the frame, and the little details.

Don't forget stickers are great details in scrapbooking!

Here's a chalkboard sticker that I added. I love the idea of using a metallic marker than a chalk. It doesn't smear between the pages. Also, be careful when you do use a metallic marker on a chalkboard sticker because if you mess up, it's not easy to clean off and it leaves a smear mark. Also, don't forget to let it dry so it doesn't smear!

Frames are wonderful touches to scrapbooking.

Want to add more pictures? Make a collage. Collages are so fun!

So these are just a few inspirations. I know it's not all that decked out and decorative but I hope this gave you an outlook on my simple scrapbook. No worries, more inspirations are about to come! I have more scrapbooks to show, of course.

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