Wednesday, June 3, 2015

HELLO: Eight Questions to Ask During an Interview

Hi everyone. I've been thinking about the next step for this blog. I love to blog about my adventures but I love to go beyond that as well. Since I'm still in college, I would love to share my experience. Of course, I'm still keeping true to this blog: the adventures!

Lately, I've been getting questions from friends and colleagues about how to write a resume, how to apply for jobs, and etc. Today's post is "Eight Questions to ask During an Interview."

But here's something that I have researched and taken down notes for myself
during interviews that I've been through. I've been through in-person interviews, phone interviews, web-based, video recordings, and email conversations with employers.

I believe these generic eight questions to ask in any work-related field. I hope you find this useful and may this help you in your future career start-up!

1.      What exactly would my day-to-day responsibilities be?
Understand your role & tasks

2.      What are the training opportunities for training & career advancement?
Understand where the job might lead & what skills you might acquire

3.      What are the criteria that you are looking for in the successful candidate for this position?
Understand to see if your skills or qualifications meet up to the expectation and if not, how you can improve to be that candidate

4.      So how have previous ________ (workers, assistants, etc.), if so any, done things in the past before?
Learn how you can improve things in the future

5.      How will my leadership responsibilities and performance be measured? & by whom?
Understand your work ethnics in that field and know who will you report to/supervisor

6.      How do you feel that I measure up to your requirements for this position?
Understand where you stand and what you can do better

7.      When can I expect to hear from you?
It’s alright to ask the interviewer, before you leave, when you’ll be contacted again. You may not receive any notification as soon as possible but it is good to keep in mind when you can expect their call/email. 

8.      Are there any questions I can answer for you?
Before you leave, you want to make sure that you’ve covered everything about the job position. You should also ask your interviewer one more time if they have any remaining questions left.

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