Saturday, April 26, 2014

HELLO: March of Dimes

Hello all! It's been a great weekend so far and I hope it's been going well for you all too!

Yesterday, was my 21st Birthday! Yes, you heard me, the big 2-1! It was also the March of Dimes walk and my UNG FACE Club and I have been fundraising for that for quite awhile.

First, I started my wonderful day on campus, of course. Still had to attend my two morning classes. Then, had my usual Friday UNG Enactus meeting at noon.

My beautiful birthday cake from Keely! Thank you! I brought it home and my family gobbled it all up!

Anyways, I just want to say thank you to my other friends and Enactus members, Khanh, Emile, and Sally for my wonderful gifts!

I am so thankful for such wonderful friends!

Thank you for such wonderful, beautiful presents!

A couple hours later, I met up with my UNG FACE Club members at the March of Dimes walk at the Fort Yargo Park, GA. It was a fantastic event, indeed!

Pictures with the Publix Plato Dino! I love our sign, not only because I made, but because I wanted folks to hashtag us and follow us on Twitter! #UNGFACE supports #MarchOfDimes #2014 #GA #UNG #Smiles

The March of Dimes event in the beautiful nature of Fort Yargo.

Finally walking! I believe the trail was 3.5 miles long. But honestly, it really didn't feel like it. On the side note, it was a great amount of people and you can just feel the energy from everyone. I love doing these events and for a great cause!

Quick break for a picture? Don't mind if we do.

We also got our face painted as well! I love face painting! I don't care how old I am, I'll get my face painted whenever I want. You're never too old for anything!

But my face paint is special! 21st Birthday special edition! Love it!

After the event, we head over to Longhorn Steakhouse. My first time ever and this is what happened while we waited 30 minutes outside.

My delicious steak! Oh, it was oh-so-yummy!

My first legal drink! Yay! Made me so excited! Too bad I was already full by that time. I couldn't even finished it and I payed 8 something for it! But it was so good. Next time you go to Longhorn Steakhouse, get yourself a Watermelon Margarita!

Free ice cream dessert for the birthday girl! Never had a candle on my ice cream before. Another first!

Anyways, I want to end my blog here. Please read it all the way through. It means a lot to me.

"I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who helped me reached my goal and donated to the March of Dimes! A big shout out to HmoobKid Vue who donated $100! The biggest donation I have ever received! You are a great friend indeed! To MaiDoua Vang, with the second biggest donation of $30 and to MaiNhia Vang,Npib Yaaj, and Rachel Snell! A huge THANK YOU to you all & to my wonderful UNG FACE Club & to all the members who was a part of this great cause! This was the greatest gift I could ever ask for and I am so thankful for all the great support I get everyday from my friends and family! I feel so blessed & thankful! I know a lot of folks has been asking "Why would you want your birthday gift to be donations to the MOD instead of giving gifts to you?" Easy. Because if I can help, with everyone's help, to help babies live better and longer and to help the parents and families that go through these hardships reassuring them that their child will be okay, then that's the greatest gift I can ever ask. I was born with a hole in my heart, but look at me! I'm doing GREAT, AMAZINGLY GREAT! Thank you!" 

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