Tuesday, April 29, 2014

HELLO: Enactus 2014 National Competition - Day 2

So Day 2 into the Enactus National Competition. My UNG Enactus team competed at 9:30 AM in League Five for the Opening Rounds. For two years, I was always in charge of the technical/presentation part for my team. This year, I have decided to pass my torch to my other fellow members and let them continue the legacy! That doesn't mean I was not a part of the involvement of my team for the competition. As VP and having previous experiences with both Regional and National competitions in the past, I was highly involved with this year's prep for the competition.

Anyways, our team did an amazing job during the Opening Rounds. We had 6 presenters and two members taking care of the presentation. After taking the weight off of our shoulders, we headed to the Career Fair. I have to say, I think the Career Fair, as well as the competition rounds and everything else, is the greatest part of Enactus events because I am able to network and connect with so many top Fortune's companies and employers. It's also great for anyone looking for internship and career opportunities.

Here's my amazing team group picture during the Career Fair. At the Career Fair, I was able to talk to amazing companies like The Home Depot, Coca Cola, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Unilever, and so many more! Also, these companies gave so many free goodies and fun activities, like American Greetings and Liberty Mutual had photo shoots and Microsoft had a gaming area.

A picture with American Greetings' Sweater Cat! 

I also met USA Olympic Bobsledder, Jazmine Fenlator, at the Liberty Mutual booth! She competed in this year's Winter Olympics in Sochi and will compete in the following Winter Olympics in 2018! She is so passionate in what she does. She also gave us the insider of the life of a bobsledder and how they do practice runs and it's very fascinating.

Anyways, after the Career Fair, we headed towards the Opening Round Awards Ceremony to anxiously wait to see if we will proceed to the next round to the Semi-Quarters Round.

Want to hear the good news? We most definitely did advanced to the next round!

After that, a couple practices of the night then head to bed for another long day the next day. Of course, we waited longer than we should have that night because Enactus decided to post all the team's s competition schedules and leagues very late through their app. The app crashed a couple times and yeah, a lot of Enactus teams were getting frustrated. But of course, first time for everything. Eventually, we found out that we were in League 16. Our biggest competitors were University of Texas - San Marcos. They were National winners in the past but no matter what the outcome is, I am so proud of my team for everyone's accomplishments!

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