Tuesday, February 24, 2015

HELLO: Disney College Program - Day 6

Hello my friends!

Hope you're having a magical day so far. It's been really cold this week in Florida but I heard that next week it's supposed to be in the 80's! I am excited! Why bring all these shorts and not wear them? Finally!

Day 6: Orientation and Boardwalk

Orientation today was at 7:30 AM and it was perhaps the most boring orientations I have ever been to. Of course at orientation, you have to learn guidelines about safety at the parks and with the guests. We also went over things that we can and cannot post on social media while in the program. We talked about how to interact with guests the correct way and how to handle situations if a guest was
in a accident. We covered on recycling and keeping the parks clean.

It was the longest day of my life. I think it was a 6 hours long session. The last two hours that I had in my orientation was basically the same topics that they just covered that morning. Oh my gosh, so many videos to watch and please try not to fall asleep! I saw so many people sleeping and the presenters kept trying to wake people up. I feel bad for the presenters because I know that they try to make it fun, but please, it's too early for this! Just a tip: bring lots and lots of snacks with you to keep you up!

Later at night, the plans were to meet with my other roommates at Hollywood Studios. I was with two of my roommates and we took a detour to Boardwalk to get to Hollywood Studios. We heard that we can take a ferry to the park. How neat!

Little did we know that Boardwalk was so gorgeous! It's like a little town of their own. It's so active at night and all the lights are turned on. It looked gorgeous, especially with the reflection from the lake. At Boardwalk, there's places to eat, shop, and so much more! There was an inflatable movie screen that was up and playing movies for guests. Guests can bring their blankets and snacks and watch on the grass. It was so cool.

This was the boat that we took to get to Hollywood Studios. I have never ridden a ferry before, I don't think. I just find it so amazing that there's other transportation that Disney offers to their guests other than buses, like the ferry or monorail. Sadly, we made it to Hollywood Studios really late when they were closing. It was a bummer but I'll come again on my days off!

Thanks for reading everyone! Please continue to have your magical day!

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